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NAWCC Chapter 34 Watches


These watches are part of a virtual museum for Old Dominion Chapter 34 of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.
The owners of the watches will not be revealed. In some cases they are not known as the pictures were given anonymously.

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NAWCC Chapter 34 Repairs


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NAWCC Chapter 34 Watches Section 2


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Crystal Palace Clocks


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Brewster & Ingraham Steeple50 views8 Day time and strike, 19 5/8 high
Manoah Rhodes119 viewsSerial No 13406
Massey III
Rolf Gerdes and Co.163 viewsHamburg 11
Four Jewels
Made in Germany
New Haven84 viewsWalnut Shelf Clock (1876)
7 1/2" Metal Dial
8 Day Time and Strike
21 1/2" High 18" Wide
Seth Thomas177 viewsModern Model
Long Alarm
Toy Clocks216 viewsTitle says it all
Riggs and Brothers17 viewsShips Bell Philadelphia?
Davies Cast Frame 3176 viewsInner view

Last additions
Davies Cast Frame 1276 viewsThis clock frame is the same as the “Rip Van Winkle” pattern girandoles. The dial decorations are gilded spelter and are only seen on the cast frame clocks.Jul 01, 2012
Davies Cast Frame 2168 viewsThis clock frame is the same as the “Boy/Girl” girandoles.Jul 01, 2012
Davies Cast Frame 3176 viewsInner viewJul 01, 2012
Davies Four Column141 viewsPossible precurser to the Crystal Palace clocks, no specific patents on this clock, found with E.N. Welch and G. B. Owens movements.Jul 01, 2012
Davies Four Column -247 viewsCast Dial VariationJul 01, 2012
Crystal Gem139 viewsThis clock is covered by a separate patent, and the clock name is given in the patent.. There have been several Crystal Place #2 clocks sold which have had a Crystal Gem label. Jul 01, 2012
Crystal Palace #4 137 viewsThis model was not illustrated in any catalog, but was referenced in the price lists. It is assumed to be a #4 because it retains the characteristic dial and patented base design. The #4 has been found with the 2 post dial and also with a 4 post sunken center dial. The latter version has over-wind protection, making it a #4, extra.Jul 01, 2012
Crystal Palace #3 Early Version117 viewsThe patent covering the design of this clock also protects the Crystal Palace #1 clocks, since the design feature patented is the mirror and frame. The flat dial pan was later changed to the “sunken center.” Jul 01, 2012