NAWCC Old Dominion Chapter 34

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Crystal Palace #1 extra early version775 viewsThis clock has statues of “Colonial” figures which have been called “George and Martha,” unsure of the origin of that name. The movement has geneva stops. Note the four separate applied dial decorations, this dial has only been found with these statues.
Crystal Palace #1 Last Version634 viewsThis clock has the “arch top” Ansonia movement and is the most commonly found Crystal Palace #1.
Crystal Palace #1 Second Version973 viewsThis clock has a H. J. Davies marked movement, with geneva stops. The H. J. Davies marked movements were almost identical to the rectangular frame Ansonia movements, but often have patented improvements. The cast dial is found on several different Davies/Ansonia clocks.
Crystal Palace #2 Extra Late Version557 viewsThe size of this variant was increased due to the width of the cast bezel. This clock’s H. J. Davie’s movement has geneva stops. Several of the late #1 and #2 clocks are known to have been fitted with a dust cover in place of the glass dome.
Crystal Palace #2 Middle Version446 viewsThis clock has been seen with movement marked Waterbury, Ansonia, Conn., and H. J. Davies.
Crystal Palace #2 A Patent Applied For425 viewsAn early Crystal Palace, probably produced in the last quarter of 1874 and certainly before the January 25, 1875 patent issue. The earliest Crystal Palace clocks had flat-pan dial with two-post mounts
Crystal Palace #3 Early Version437 viewsThe patent covering the design of this clock also protects the Crystal Palace #1 clocks, since the design feature patented is the mirror and frame. The flat dial pan was later changed to the “sunken center.”
Crystal Palace #4 425 viewsThis model was not illustrated in any catalog, but was referenced in the price lists. It is assumed to be a #4 because it retains the characteristic dial and patented base design. The #4 has been found with the 2 post dial and also with a 4 post sunken center dial. The latter version has over-wind protection, making it a #4, extra.
Crystal Gem453 viewsThis clock is covered by a separate patent, and the clock name is given in the patent.. There have been several Crystal Place #2 clocks sold which have had a Crystal Gem label.
Davies Four Column403 viewsPossible precurser to the Crystal Palace clocks, no specific patents on this clock, found with E.N. Welch and G. B. Owens movements.
Davies Four Column -525 viewsCast Dial Variation
Davies Cast Frame 2452 viewsThis clock frame is the same as the “Boy/Girl” girandoles.
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