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Cornell Watch Co.1037 viewsSigned
J. C. Adams
Chicago, Ill
Serial No. 20273
Crystal Palace #1 Second Version923 viewsThis clock has a H. J. Davies marked movement, with geneva stops. The H. J. Davies marked movements were almost identical to the rectangular frame Ansonia movements, but often have patented improvements. The cast dial is found on several different Davies/Ansonia clocks.
Ball Hamilton Movement913 viewsFinished at Hamilton in Lancaster on 6/29/26 and sold to Norris on 6/30/26 according to the Hamilton Factory ledger.
James McCabe Royal Exchange653 viewsLondon
Serial No. 08390
Crystal Palace #1 extra early version590 viewsThis clock has statues of “Colonial” figures which have been called “George and Martha,” unsure of the origin of that name. The movement has geneva stops. Note the four separate applied dial decorations, this dial has only been found with these statues.
Crystal Palace #1 Last Version566 viewsThis clock has the “arch top” Ansonia movement and is the most commonly found Crystal Palace #1.
Crystal Palace #2 Extra Late Version517 viewsThe size of this variant was increased due to the width of the cast bezel. This clock’s H. J. Davie’s movement has geneva stops. Several of the late #1 and #2 clocks are known to have been fitted with a dust cover in place of the glass dome.
Packard Car Clock508 viewsMade by Chelsea
Warner Instrument Co.
Beloit, Wis U.S.A.
On Dial
Davies Four Column -502 viewsCast Dial Variation
Davies Cast Frame 1500 viewsThis clock frame is the same as the “Rip Van Winkle” pattern girandoles. The dial decorations are gilded spelter and are only seen on the cast frame clocks.
Waltham Car Clock459 views8 day clock
Toy Clocks429 viewsTitle says it all
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